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METALLICA Bassist Says New Album Is Being Written, Will Be Out "Sooner Than The Previous Two"

Posted by on March 14, 2019 at 11:43 am

We're 19 years into this millennium and Metallica only has three records under their belt – St. Anger in 2003, Death Magnetic in 2008 and Hardwired To Self Destruct in 2016. Now in an interview with The Music, bassist Robert Trujillo says we won't have another long wait between record releases.

He also adds that Death Magnetic was a more collaborative effort between the band's members while Hardwired To Self Destruct was centric on James Hetfield, and that he hopes the new one is a combination of the two. As for a timeline, Trujillo says it "will come a lot sooner than the previous two did," though how soon he's not sure.

"We have a zone we call 'The Tuning Room' which is a space where we can jam and warm up before the show. We're always in there coming up with ideas and you may get a few seconds of an idea but everything is recorded, always. And then of course at home, everyone has got ideas.

"Death Magnetic was, for the most part, a collaborative effort. Hardwired was more central to James's specific ideas and was also taking the spirit of what we had done on the previous record. I'm excited about the next record because I believe it will also be a culmination of the two records and another journey. There's no shortage of original ideas, that's the beauty of being in this band."

Here's hoping we get a new one soon-ish as long as Kirk Hammett doesn't lose his damn phone again,

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