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LEPROUS Recording A New Album, Will Return To The Studio In May

With legendary producer David Castillo.


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Norwegian prog lords Leprous released a new song called "Golden Prayers" last year and a Massive Attack cover this year, but they're done with the singles. Now it's time to do a full-on record. Leprous drummer Baard Kolstad reveals the band has been in the studio with producer David Castillo (Amorphis, Candlemass, Katatonia, Opeth, etc.) recording part of the new rcord, and that they'll return to Ghostward/Fascination Street Studios in May to wrap things up.

Stay tuned for some progressive metal goodness later this year.

“We entered the studio to record the drums for half of the album last week with David Castillo @ Ghostward/Fascination Street Studios, same studio as we recorded the 2 latest studio albums. As an over autistic control freak I am when recording myself, this time around I had more time than ever to perfectionise and experiment with my sound almost without compromises, so a big thanks to Einar and David for their patience!

We also recorded 1 song together, drums and bass, something neither Leprous or I have ever done before. Feeling very good to leave the drum recording for now, focusing on the last half of the album to be recorded in May. I’m so looking forward to hear the outcome just in a few days when the guitarists have put their touch. Will be a different Leprous album for sure, but still Leprous!”

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