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CLUTCH Play Another New Song Live, New Album Book Of Bad Decisions Due Out Around September

Plus you can hear a new song live!

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The details are still a little hazy, but according to Clutch frontman Neil Fallon in an interview with Brittney Patton, the band's new album Book Of Bad Decisions is due out somewhere around this September.

The album was recorded with Vance Powell (Jack White, Red Fang) and Fallon says it draws lyrically on overblown versions of events in both his life and Clutch's career.

This record has a lot of… maybe not a lot, but instances where I looked back into events of my own life or Clutch's career, took them and exaggerated them for the purposes of drama. I've always been wary of that, 'cause I don't really like nostalgia. But I also realize, after 25 years, there's a whole catalogue of experiences that I can take and draw from that. Sometimes getting inspired can be hard. Listening to a song, [you think], 'What's this one gonna be about?' And sometimes they come right out of the sky, sometimes no, they don't. So that seemed like a good place to draw from.

Obviously no new music is available just yet, but you can check out new songs "Talkbox" & "Sonic Counselor," "Bad Decisions," "150 Pesos," "Bubonic Blues" & "Vision Quest," "How To Shake Hands,"and "Love A Good Fire" at all the links here. Fallon says the album in 15 songs long, and the band had 14 of them written before they hit the studio. No word on if all 15 will make the record or if some will be saved for a later release, but I personally would assume the record wouldn't actually be 15 songs.

Oh, and you can totally hear yet another new song called "Gimme The Keys" live below.

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