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Trend Watch: Dogs In The Mosh Pit

We love doggos.

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We here at Metal Injection like to keep up with all the latest trends in heavy metal. In recent years, we've seen trends come and go like: naked moshing, trash cans in the pit, crowdkilling with mattresses, and vocalists setting themselves on fire. We've also noted the trend of playing at odd places like an Italian restaurant, a Denny's, a Waffle House and an abandoned supermarket.

But one thing we have yet to see, until today, is cute little doggos in the mosh pit.

Take a look at this adorable video:

We originally found this video on the Dogspotting Facebook page, but have not been able to lock down the name of the band or location of this epic wall of death. If you know, let us know in the comments.

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[via Dogspotting]


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