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thrash metal

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Slayer have embarked on their *gasp* FINAL North American headlining tour. Yes, the icons, the legends, the masters of thrash metal are wrapping up...


Thrash metal, the linchpin of our modern metal universe. Born out of Cold War anxieties in the 1980's, thrash took traditional metal to grittier...

Thrash Attack

Head banging with death metal thrashers Horrible Creatures and their latest record Pitfall.

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These Massachusetts thrashers are back at it again! Lich King's The Omniclasm makes for a relentless and fun ride.


By Atanamar Sunyata Flashback (eleven years) to college: sitting in a friend's apartment, drinking 40s and watching the “Over The Edge” WWF pay-per-view event. ...


By: Navjot Kaur Back in the early days of Feel the Fire, when tape-trading was the way to market yourself in a glam-metal dominated...

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