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Best of 2018

As you can probably tell from my Instagram page, 2018 was an incredible year for live music, and makes me wonder how this year...


"It seems like American authorities try to prevent European bands from going to the U.S."


Three big new collections have been posted to our photo gallery. First up, photographer Robert Forte hit up the recent Ghost show in Asheville,...

Latest satyricon Music Videos

Music Videos

I actually had to look up the audio version of this song because I couldn't believe the production was that bad, but it is....

Music Videos

Off their latest release, , "The Age Of Nero"

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Latest satyricon Reviews


2013's Satyricon presented a minor comeback in the sense of greater immediacy and consistency in songcraft, but four years later Deep Calleth Upon Deep takes that sure-handedness...

Black Metal History Month

What makes Nemesis Divina worth repeated listening and fond waxing in articles like this one is the brilliant creativity and utterly transcendent musicality and...

Latest News

When I think of Satyricon, the first thing that comes to mind is a funny conversation I had with a rather enthusiastic and boisterous...

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Latest satyricon Live Footage

Live Footage

Satyricon's new album Deep Calleth Upon Deep came out last week, and in celebration the band played the album front to back to 300 fans...

Live Footage

Check out nearly an hour of Satyricon, pro-shot, pro-audio at the Graspop 2016 Festival held in Dessel, Belgium.Watch all sets we collected from Graspop 2016...

Live Footage

Satyricon will be releasing a new live DVD, Live At the Opera on May 5th  2015 in North America via Napalm Records. The band released this...

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