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nine inch nails

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Earnings & Attendance

How much money does a band make on the road? Billboard hopes to answer that question, somewhat, by providing gross sale reports in their...


You ever hear a song you know in the background of a commercial? Of course you have, that’s how our capitalist, marketing overlords get...

Latest nine inch nails Music Videos

Music Videos

The new video from Nine Inch Nails for their comeback single "Came Back Haunted" directed by David Lynch. Catch NIN on tour this fall.

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Latest nine inch nails Reviews


I've always found it a tad strange that Nine Inch Nails aren't regularly included in discussions of significant metal bands. While I'd agree that...

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Latest nine inch nails Live Footage

Live Footage

They played three songs, their first live performances since 2013.

Live Footage

From the kinda album whatever Bad Witch.

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