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Latest megadeth News

Latest News

Metal Allegiance, featuring guys from Sons Of Apollo, Testament and Megadeth.

Metal Merch

Recently here on Metal Injection, we featured one of the newest heavy metal action figures by California-based company Super 7–the Slayer Show No Mercy Minotaur...

Latest megadeth Music Videos

Music Videos

The video was also shot at the restaurant Beauty & Essex in New York.

Music Videos

Turkish metal band Pitch Black Process has been turning heads for years, and they are back with new efforts to do it again. Most...

Music Videos

Live footage, and some other pretty cool footage!

Music Videos

On the heels of their North American tour announcement (teaming up with Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, Metal Church and Havok), and right in time...

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Latest megadeth Reviews


Can't think anything other than "Holy shit, I've seeing Shining Thursday with Cormorant." What should I wear to a "blackjazz" show? Corpse paint? Fancy...


This album has gotten so much bad press that it's hard to approach with an open mind. As a huge Megadeth fan, and someone...


This week felt like both a slow week for albums and a huge week for albums. There were not that many new releases that...


I'm always stoked when our beloved metal genre gets any attention from late night television. Especially in the days before YouTube, when setting your...

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Latest megadeth Live Footage

Live Footage

Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine is participating in the Experience Hendrix tour right now, featuring such additionally legendary guitarists as Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, Eric...

Live Footage

One of the standout tracks on Megadeth's 80s classic, Peace Sells…But Who's Buying, is "The Conjuring." But ever since Mustaine became a born-again Christian he...

Live Footage

Megadeth played Wacken Open Air and some brave soul recorded the entire stream for your enjoyment. The audio quality is top notch here.

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