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There's a good reason for the buzz around Jesus Piece. This is some seriously crushing hardcore.

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A 2013 clip of a hardcore band playing a Denny's has resurfaced.

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Music Videos

We are very impressed with Foxbat. They clearly wear their influences (bands like Every Time I Die, Underoath & Parkway Drive) on their sleeve...

Music Videos

We're pumped to premiere the new video from hardcore legends Slapshot. Shot on a shoe-string budget in a small space, the video conveys the DIY...

Music Videos

Pro-Pain are going to get you moshing coming January 21, 2014, with their new record The Final Revolution no doubt. Why not get going...

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It’s comforting to know that the old guard can throw down as hard as, if not harder than, today’s young bucks.


No part of Fucked And Bound's new LP is subtle in its vicious hardcore glory

Core Breakdown

Legendary hardcore act Burn are back with their new release Do or Die

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