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Cinema Fix

We love our metal here at Metal Injection… but we dig movies too! Welcome to Cinema Fix, a movie guide tailored for the metal...


Der Rote Milan: bold, fresh and ferocious. This German black metal band is unafraid to try new things and take their sound (and the...


Domignostika applies unique methods of composition that set Pandiscordian Necrogenesis apart from similar black metal artists.

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br00tal Comedy

Step one- record a cassette. Step two- kill yourself.

Music Videos

It's like Mysticum knew we're celebrating Black Metal History Month, so they decided to release this crushing new music video. Their new album Planet...

Music Videos

From Endstille's forthcoming album, Kapitulation 2013, out November 8th on Season of Mist.

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With time comes experience and growth, and Valdrin has certainly taken advantage of time passed, lessons learned and exhibited growth on Two Carrion Talismans.


While the Deafheaven comparison can be justified, Further Still emerges more like a crusty punk rocker hell bent on grinding it out like latter...


Much of this can be attributed to the excellent recording and sound created by the band. A clean sound, and distinguished guitars that maintain...

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