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Maynard James Keenan Reveals The Song He's Most Proud Of (Spoiler: Not A TOOL Song)

Maynard's pick could surprise you.

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Maynard James Keenan was the special guest on this weekend's Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter on BBC Radio 1. During the interview, Maynard was asked which song he was most proud of.

Spoiler: It was not a Tool song. It was not even a song by A Perfect Circle.

The song that Maynard picked was “Grand Canyon” by Puscifer.

“I feel like it’s one of the few tracks that’s actually capturing landscape and soundscape altogether; and a difficult puzzle to put together ’cause it wasn’t easy to put all those elements vocally together.

“To really make it work, it was very clunky. If you heard some of the early versions of it, what we we’re trying to do, it was like ‘Oh, bench this thing. It’s not working’

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“It really took a long time to kind of…—not a long time, I shouldn’t say… The first initial attacks were like ‘This is a disaster. Like no wait, no it’s not. Move this part over to here, move this part over to here’ like now it measures up. Now the soundscape and the landscape starts to unveil.”

Maynard added:

“We were trying to see through a lot of haze and a lot of fog for the end piece. So it took a little bit of cleaning up and patience to get through that one.”

In case you missed the song when it was originally released:

It makes sense that Maynard would pick a Puscifer song as that is the one project where he is the final decision maker on everything. Tool and A Perfect Circle seem like much more collaborative efforts, where Maynard probably doesn't have as much control over the music.

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Also, you would hope somebody putting out solo material would be passionate about it.

Are you a Puscifer fan?

[The PRP via MetalSucks]

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