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Album Review: MISOTHEIST Misotheist

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Terratur Possessions has unleashed some truly thrilling black metal over the years—the kind of stuff that makes my hair stand up on end. It reminds me of the infernal magic of the genre. Their releases have constantly evolved and shifted into weird and new directions, its roster has always evolved and expanded, hinting at brave new vistas for black metal. This latest offering, the self titled debut of Misotheist is another gem in their crown. This is a wholly anonymous project and one which seems to make no bones about their sheer underground audacity.

The thing is though, their seemingly undying passion for true orthodox black metal has made for some of the most compelling black metal that I have heard this year. Made up of three extended tracks, Misotheist's self-titled album is a truly monstrous album—one that will drag you to the depths of hell and impress you with its overwhelming beauty. It's truly forward-thinking black metal that does not forget about the old masters. I simply can't get enough of it.

The sheer bombast of the sound is what makes Misotheist a completely unique and visionary act. The breadth of what they embrace and the grim authority with which they deliver acts as a driving force behind the twisted majesty of this band. Misotheist understand on a fundamental level not just the burning mysteries of black metal but also where is going. They treat the genre with a level of respect that it often doesn't get in 2018 and while they may be eager to expand upon the sound they are also a group who seem to have a deep understanding of the classics.

This fusion is wonderfully done and creates a sound that is almost ritualistic. This encompasses everything from their punishing rhythmic assault to their haunting melodies. They don't bother with the pretensions of their peer who are mysterious for the sake of imagery. In fact what impresses me is the complete lack of interest in any of that. This is simply an artistic statement that was put out for the love the music and the demonic magic of the genre.

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Artistic and visionary, Misotheist have used their punishing aural poetry in order to craft a sense of bleak magick. This is music for the twisted and depraved, those of us who need a reason to carry on and a blasphemous set of rituals to be hypnotized by. While the songs may be longer there is a perpetual sense of advancement, a clear drive and a thrilling vision behind what Misotheist brings to the table.

Rather than descending into a raw cacophony of sound, this is a band who rely on the tightly controlled, the held back, the meditative glory of the genre. You find yourself getting pulled into the flurries of blast beats and dynamic fills. The epic soundscapes of Misotheist will capture the imagination and the deeper you delve the harder it becomes to turn away. In terms of more traditional black metal, Misotheist have put together what is the most stunning records of the year.

Score: 9/10
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