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Album Review: REVOCATION Great is Our Sin

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Here we are again, with a new album from Revocation. This is Revocation's 6th full-length album, and since I covered Deathless in 2014, the band has continued to prove their relevance in 2016 with Great is Our Sin. If you can appreciate the qualities of technical death metal and thrash metal, I'm sure your already familiar with this Boston based four man band that is continuing to turn out music on a regular basis.

It's a delight to follow a band for years and years, and witness the evolution, creative liberties, and identity that is created over time. At this point, it's quite clear this Metal Blade band has "arrived" and with each release, they continue to impress, and challenge the norms of metal. Not only do their guitar riffs continue to inspire a more unique, almost progressive, melodic theme, but their writing has become more mature with time as well. The only remaining original band member, David Davidson continues to infuse his masterful song writing while maintaining his originality by being the full time vocalist. The backbone of the band has continued to lead a positive influence and direction thus far.

One of the main characteristics that continues to protrude in this release is the melodic flow that is at its strongest yet. Every song has a strong flow, a structure to it, and the riffs are melodic and streamlined when compared to previous releases. This is particularly unique given the strong thrash influences this band identifies with, and how Revocation manages to fuse these aspects seamlessly together while it continues to sound fulfilling and new. A prime example of this is on "Monolithic Ignorance" as even the introduction of the song carries with it a flow that is threaded throughout the song. There is also a chorus part that has a chant-like rhythm, all while maintaining fast double bass and blast beats that act as substantial fills between strong guitar solos and the body of the song.

Through all this, the technicality and pace changes continue to be a staple in every song Revocation has constructed on Great is Our Sin. "Only the Spineless Survive" not only has one of the heaviest sounding guitar parts, but tremolo picking, and a deeper vocal performance. This song delivers a mental image of a swarm of insects consuming a carcass to the bones within seconds.

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The closing track "Cleaving Giants of Ice" is one of the most melodic songs on the album, and a grand finale in a way, as a more rhythmic and persistent flow is accompanied by chanting/clean singing to make this more of an emotional piece, rather than a runaway train of thrashing metal that has burdened us through the length of the release.

With each release, it seems we get a more complete and fluid album. With each track being identifiable and memorable, this cohesive release, I feel, is their best to date. Combine that with a melding of genres and styles, and the dynamic fusion Great is Our Sin will be a memorable release in 2016.

Score: 8.5/10

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