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Guatemala Bans MARDUK From The Country Because They're Offensive To Christians

Posted by on September 28, 2018 at 11:53 am

Marduk‚ march 2012 Left to right: Morgan, Lars, Mortuus, Devo

Marduk was scheduled to play in Guatemala on October 11 but will no longer do so because they've been banned. Not from the venue or anything like that – Guatemala has passed a congressional decree banning the band from the entire country.

According to Billboard, Guatemalan congress approved the ban 87 to 13. Lawmaker Oliverio Rodas says the band is in effect because Marduk is offensive to "the morality of the Christian people of Guatemala." Because I guess every Christian was being forced to attend the Marduk show when they played the country, and hearing anything outside their beliefs surely would've set them aflame and caused God to personally smite them instantaneously.

Lawmaker Eva Monte Bac disagrees.

But opposition lawmaker Eva Monte Bac argued that the ban violates the constitution and accused colleagues of being “hypocrites.” She asked why not ban reggaeton music with misogynist lyrics or narco-ballads that glorify drug traffickers.

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