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Decibel Magazine Kindly Asks Donald Trump To Remove His Fake Cover From Mar-a-Lago

It looks so real though.

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that many people have pointed out that Trump has a framed TIME Magazine cover with Trump on the cover, with the caption "The Apprentice is a television smash." Except, there's one problem. The cover is fake.

Here is the fake cover side-by-side with the actual cover the week the magazine was released. Note the frames on the real cover are much thicker, and the other headlines are typically on the top of the cover as opposed to on the side:

Here's a video showing it hanging at various Trump properties:

TIME has asked Trump to remove the fake cover, and turns out they're not the only ones. Our friends at Decibel Magazine spotted another framed fake magazine cover, for their heavy metal magazine, which they've kindly asked the 45th President of the United States to remove:

The details on this cover, from the (TM) next to Gene Simmons name to the flexi-disc to the bands covered is picture perfect.

Donald Trump has yet to reply to their request.

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