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Corey Taylor Thinks Donald Trump's Message Is "Anti-SLIPKNOT"

Which is… kind of a silly statement, honestly.

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Americans have extremely, extremely strong views on whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are fit to become the next president. It doesn't really matter what I think for the sake of this article, but what does matter is that Corey Taylor thinks Donald Trump's message is "anti-Slipknot." This assertion stems from a recent Gawker article, where the website deems a loudmouth Trump supporter is a Slipknot fan. The article has since amended its statement, saying there's no evidence that he's actually a fan, but that's what you get for trusting fuckin' Gawker.

Now, in an interview with Spin, Taylor says that feels as though Trump's stance is not in line with what Slipknot is about at all.

“…I think heavy metal and hard rock were the bastion of freedom for misfits and kids who were made to feel [like they’re] outside of “normal” society. So not only did you have kids of different ethnicities, but you had kids like me who grew up dirt-poor. Metal spoke for me because it wasn’t until I was much older that I felt that I had a voice.

Here’s where people get it wrong: The metal fans that come to our shows are some of the most open-minded, encouraging, embracing, protective, and progressive fans I have ever seen. I never worry that something bad is going to happen at one of our shows. If an accident happens, that’s a different thing, but I am never worried about fights or attacks because we look out for each other.

Trump’s message is so anti-Slipknot it’s not even funny, because we have always tried to get people to stand together, and everything he does is so divisive. Trying to get people to equate Muslims with terrorists is just trying to control and manipulate one more group of people. His stances on Muslims and Latinos and his absolute silence on Black Lives Matter prove that he is unprepared to bring people together. He is prepared to tear them apart so he can control them.”

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I mean, I guess you could say that he's anti-Slipknot, but that kind of goes for a lot of different metal bands that preach unity. So maybe anti-Slipknot, but maybe he's anti-Brian Welch as well. I think this kind of digs a little deeper into things than it really ought to be, because it's not like Slipknot is this unity movement at the forefront of progress – they're dudes that believe that fucked up shit shouldn't happen to people out of hate. That's a lot of people.

So… what do you think about what Corey Taylor thinks about what Donald Trump thinks about the world?

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