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BRUJERIA Back Trump Because They Want "The Biggest Asshole For President"

One of Brujeria members was quoted as saying "We both want same thing! So much that I want to be his running mate!!!"

Last year, Republican Presidental hopeful Donald Trump made some very unflattering remarks towards Mexican immigrants, linking them to crime and rape. Such a pronouncement got many Latino lobbyist groups calling for a ban on Trump. But one Mexican group, Brujeria, are actually endorsing Trump.

Brujeria just released their new single, "Viva Presidenté Trump" and it's pretty clear who they're endorsing here:

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Brujeria essentially are saying they appreciate all the chaos and anarchy Trump is bringing to the election with lyrics like "I actually want him to be president gabacho, Because he wants war and so do we, I want the Trumpy president to win
Because if he starts something, we’re definitely gonna finish it" and "I want the biggest asshole for president gabacho, If you want war, come on you twat."

The band was quoted as saying:

"The song ('Viva Presidente Trump!') was on shelf for years with no idea for vocals," states vocalist Juan Brujo. "It was gonna be an 'Anti-Castro' part II song but nothing came out of it. It just needed proper motivation to go and attach itself to someone… and Trump came thru!

"I see Trump as the white republican version of Juan Brujo circa '93. Wanting to start shit for the hell of it!!! That's why it's called "Viva Presidente Trump!" We both want same thing! So much that I want to be his running mate!!!"

You can download the single here. A full-length is expected later this year.  Here are all the lyrics to the track…

Viva presidente trump!
Ya sabemos de su onda, que un chingo nos odia,
Su vision es ser el gran pito hitler wilson
Habla mal de mexicanos, ilegales y mojados,
Si llega ser presidente va ver bronca eb cada estado

Long live president Trump
We know the score, he fucking hates us
His vision is to be the big dick Hitler Wilson
He talks shit about Mexicans, aliens and wetbacks
If he becomes president there’ll be trouble in every state

Yo si quiero que llega ser presidente gabacho
Por que el quiere ver guerra igual que nosortros
Yo si quiero que gane el presidente trumpudo
Por que si lo empiensa a huebo nosotros lo acabamos

I actually want him to be president gabacho
Because he wants war and so do we
I want the Trumpy president to win
Because if he starts something, we’re definitely gonna finish it

Oooooodia los mojados, odia mexicanos
Si trump gana va deportar a todos
Odia mi raza, ama su dinero
Ese guero loco va empesar la guerra

He hates wetbacks, he hates Mexicans
If Trump wins he’ll deport everyone
He hates my race, he loves his money
That crazy güero is going to start a war

Hey don chapo, guarda tu dinero
Pa gratis te lo llevo amarrado como perro
Yo si voto pal guero loco
Por su culpa vamos hacer guerra

Hey Mr. Chapo, keep your money
I’ll bring him to you for free tied up like a dog
I’m voting for the crazy güero
Because of him we’re going to war

El quiere guerra
Igual que yo
Hechando chingasos
Entrale cabron

He wants war
And so do I
Throwing punches
Get in the ring motherfucker

Habla mierda – de mexico
Odia mojados – deportar los
Quiere guerra – entrale cabron
Ya hay soldados metidos en cada pinche rincon!

He talks shit, about Mexico
He hates wetbacks, deport them
He wants war, get in the ring fucker
There are soldiers in every fucking corner

El quiere guerra
Igual que yo
El quiere guerra
Entraqle cabron
Soldados metidos
En cada rincon
Viva presidente trump!

He wants war
And so do I
He wants war
Get in the ring fucker
Soldiers in
Every corner
Long live President Trump!

Haci es cabrones me escucharon bien
Quiero el mas pendejo para presidente gabacho
Si quieres guerra? Entrale mamon
El ejercito esta listo
Con soldados metidos en cada rincon
Viva mexico cabron!

That’s right fuckers, you heard me right
I want the biggest asshole for president gabacho
If you want war, come on you twat
The army is ready
With soldiers in every corner
Viva México Cabron!

In case you're not clued into who Brujeria actually is…
Juan Brujo (John Lepe) – Vocals
Fantasma (Pat Hoed) – Vocals, Bass
El Cynico (Jeffrey Walker) – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Hongo (Shane Embury) – Guitar, Drum Programming
Hongo Jr. (Nick Barker) – Drums Auxiliary
Pinche Peach – Vocals, Samples
Pititis (Gaby Dominguez) – Female Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar
A Kuerno (Chris Paccou) – Guitar
Baby Brujo III


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