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KID ROCK Releases Tasteful, Classy DONALD TRUMP Shirts (Actually, The Opposite)

Kid Rock, American citizen and all class.

Kid Rock is a man of subtly and class. Most famous for his prophetic lyrics “Bawitdaba, da bang, da dang diggy diggy diggy, said the boogie, said up jump the boogie,” the modern-day Shakespeare is expanding his talents to clothing marketing.

Having realized the interests of his fan base align with those of the people who support US President-elect Donald Trump, Kid Rock decided to capitalize on the scenario by creating new shirts that scream unity, peace and let's work together. Actually, that's a lie. These shirts are the cotton equivalent of a giant drive-by middle finger in a broken down pick up truck:
kid-rock-guns-god-and-trump-shirt kid-rock-dumbfukistan-shirt kid-rock-make-american-badass-hat


That last one is one you can wear to Christmas dinner, so the whole family can see what an upstanding citizen you are. Or you can wear it to your next meet up in a WalMart parking lot for the donut race.

Kid Rock, American citizen and all class.


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