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10 More Commercials Made Better with Awesome Metal Songs

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You ever hear a song you know in the background of a commercial? Of course you have, that’s how our capitalist, marketing overlords get ya. On the last episode of 10 Awesome Times Metal Songs Were Used In Commercials, we embarked on a lengthy YouTube rabbit hole adventure to present you with a list that "…celebrates ten of the coolest metal related commercials around" featuring everything from Suffocation headbanging with The History Channel, to Steel Panther's unofficial debut via Discover Card.

We've gone ahead and assembled a new installment showcasing the unholy union between advertisement executives and metal fiends. Enjoy the trip!

Nine Inch Nails – Levis

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Ah, the 1990’s. When the music industry and the retail industry had infinite amounts of cash, creating expensive ads [music videos/commercials] for captive television audiences…before the internet broke their ancient pyramid scheme for good. That’s how we wound up with this uber discordant Nine Inch Nails song in this grimy art house nightmare commercial for Levis jeans. Nowadays the Google/Facebook masters shoot niche advertisements into our lives by monitoring our every move, aka weird commercials for weird people. The thought of that wild NIN commercial appearing on regular ol’ monoculture national television is nuts!

Scorpions – Fiber One

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“Rock You Like a Hurricane” was made to sell you shit. It sold millions of rock & metal fans on The Scorpions back in the day. According to The Simpsons’ nefarious Sideshow Bob, the song sells average Joe’s on attending air shows [LINK to classic Simpsons vid provided HERE] and in this bizarre Fiber One commercial, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” is used to wow audiences with this nourishing, bowel regulating snack bar; pulling a double whammy and helping to sell & produce actual shit. Again this song is an ad executive’s dream. The hooks on this tune could sell water to a shark!

Quizno's Power Metal Cookie

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Back when there was a Quizno’s in my neck of the woods, before the company hit hard times and folded thousands of locations nationwide, this here author was known to enjoy a classic Italian sandwich on occasion. Sometimes, maybe even a cookie…or two. With that being said, this spirited Quizno’s power metal tinged ad brings a smile to my face. A faux band fronted by someone with an uncanny resemblance to DragonForce axe slinger Herman Li, are rocking out on a giant floating cookie, using operatic vocals and infectious guitar harmonies to entice people to get their grub on. Mission accomplished…lets eat.

Iron Maiden – Lucozade

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Somehow, someway, Iron Maiden’s epic, swashbuckling air guitar anthem, “Phantom of The Opera” was featured in a British sports drink commercial back in the 1980’s. Being an isolated American millennial, this humble author had no idea what Lucozade sports drink, or who Olympic decathlon hero Daley Thompson are. But the opening notes to “Phantom of The Opera” are universal symbols of awesomeness so this quickly goes down as one of the coolest metal themed commercials around. Daley chugs his British Gatorade as Maiden kicks into high gear and then he sprints off to capture more medals and glory. This makes sense on so many levels. Up The Irons!

System of a Down – Mortal Kombat

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Mortal Kombat was the most violent fighting game in the universe back in the day. Nothing riled kids up like a nailing a gnarly fatality [although ‘friendship’ was pretty rad/humiliating in its own right]. You know what else riles up the masses like no other? System of a Down! As we reported from their massive sold out reunion gig last year, nothing moves a crowd of 50,000+ people like System. Combining Mortal Kombat with SOAD is a no brainer. Hopefully the band perform with a Raiden hologram one day, or crank out a CGI music video with Goro.

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