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BLIND ROCK Is The First Band To Feature All Visually-Impaired Players

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I am blown away by the tenacity and drive by Blind Rock. They are, as fas as I can tell, the first band to feature visually impaired musicians in every role. It must be incredibly challenging to overcome those odds to play music, namely hard rock and heavy metal.

There's an added layer of problems as the band hails from Belarus, where rock and metal music do not get any respect. While it is not outright illegal, it's very much frowned upon to work on music. The band need some help, so they have headed to the internet to see if some rock fans would help them reach their goal.

They have launched a Kickstarter to fund their first studio album. The band feels “we deserve to play on stage and show others that our handicap is not a sentence and we can live an exciting life on equal terms with the others.”

Here's a video explaining their goal:

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If you dig Blind Rock, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

[via MetalSucks]

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