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A Member of THE GHOST INSIDE Is Currently Back On Warped Tour

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Ever since that fateful day in November where their bus crashed, The Ghost Inside have never been the same. They have been on the slow road to recovery and all the members shared the same goal, to get back out on the road.

One member of The Ghost Inside has fulfilled that goal.

Bassist Jim Riley was the lucky one in the crash, having the least amount of damage done to him and walking away relatively unscathed. Turns out he was offered a gig this summer to roadie for Falling In Reverse on Warped Tour and he jumped at the opportunity, sharing:

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I'm adventuring this summer with my friends in Falling in Reverse. Very thankful for my first time back on the road to be surrounded by the good people on Warped Tour.

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That was a very nice gesture for Falling In Reverse to bring Jim on tour. As for the rest of his band, vocalist Jonathan Vigil, who was dealing with two bone infections in his leg, finally got his cast and stiches removed and is able to walk again on his own:

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Cast is off and stitches are coming out! My foot is gnarly, I know, but I'm stoked to not be in a cast anymore. People who've ever had to shower with a leg cast know my pain haha. Three weeks more of antibiotics and now that there's no more metal in my ankle, the bone infection shouldn't come back. Then it's onto the next chapter. Getting closer every single day to the goal of walking on my own again. Not too long now! *fingers crossed* P.S. I have a rebel alliance tattoo opposite the imperial insignia. I have the balance of light side and dark side on both legs. Something I've learned, more than ever recently, is a struggle for everyone.

A post shared by Jonathan Vigil (@jonathanvigil) on

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The Ghost Inside's collective goal is to make it back to the stage together for Warped Tour 2017, where they have a open spot waiting for them.

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