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TOOL Frontman's Gaudy House Sold For $2.37 Million And We Have Pictures

via The L.A. Times.

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While we've still got approximately zero seconds of new Tool music, you can all sleep a little better tonight knowing frontman for the group Maynard James Keenan just sold his home in the Hollywood Hills for $2.37 million. Remember his gaudy home? He listed it for $2.8 million, but had to settle for $2.3 million. I imagine he'll be okay.

Maybe he can spend some of that money on a new home and the rest clearing up all the legal woes that are plaguing the band releasing their new album? I'd imagine any bit helps.

In case you were wondering, the house is kind of gorgeous.

la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-019 la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-015 la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-012 la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-011 la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-009 la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-008 la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-007 la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-006 la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-005 la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-004 la-fi-hotprop-maynard-james-keenan-20140314-pg-003

Keep in mind as well that Keenan deals heavily in the wine business, probably gets a pretty nice paycheck from A Perfect Circle and has written for movie soundtracks like Constantine and Saw II.

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[via The L.A. Times]

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