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Mike Portnoy Can't Read Death Metal Logos Now, Death Metal Band ABORTED Invites Him To A Show

Mike Portnoy has no idea what the Devastation On The Nation lineup is.

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Mike Portnoy has demonstrated his love of metal over the years, and his love of riling up the internet. It was just a few weeks ago, where he teased fans by posting a photo with his former Dream Theater bandmate, John Petrucci. Portnoy decided to post a new troll this week, responding to flyer with the lineup for Devastation On The Nation. Portnoy took to Twitter to post the flyer for the show, saying "Hahaha sorry, no offense to any of the bands involved….but I have to laugh! I can’t read any of these logos…"

Looking towards the bottom of the bill, sure, those bands are unreadable. Aborted is pretty legible, and Psycroptic might require a bit of strain. Maybe we're biased because we're into these bands.

Not to take things seriously at all, Aborted chimed in on Instagram and joked that maybe they should just change their logo's font to "Arial Black." Death metal font humor! In the spirit of good fun, they also invited him to the show in the hashtags, but here's hoping they give him the venue name via a legible font. If nothing else, Mike Portnoy joking about unreadable band logos might have turned a few people onto these bands.

Get the dates for Devastation On The Nation here, which will also feature Psycroptic, Ingested, Disentomb, Arkaik, Venom Prison, Vale Of Pnath, and Signs Of The Swarm.

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Arial black only from now on! #aborted #mikeportnoy #cometotheshow #font #devastationonthenation #blastbeats #deathmetal #deathmetallogo

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