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Dude Gets Booted From Trump Rally For "Trump Likes NICKELBACK" Sign

Donald Trump does not like Nickelback.

Donald Trump has weirdly become ingrained in the rock and metal culture as of late, though none of it has been particularly positive. Randall Blythe says he'll leave the country if Trump is president, Corey Taylor hates the guy and Municipal Waste has added to the fashion world by having a shirt of the dude blowing his brains out. Now it's Trump's turn!

Well, Trump's security's turn anyway. NBC News' Ali Vitale tweeted the below picture of a guy with a "Trump Likes Nickelback" sign…

Until Jeremy Diamond from CNN tweeted that it got taken away.

Man, the rules of being at a Trump rally are getting strict! Turns out he isn't the only GOP hopeful getting the Nickelback treatment:


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