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Ex-KORN Drummer David Silveria Says He'd Rejoin The Band To Play At The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

They're not being inducted, by the way.

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Original Korn drummer David Silveria and his ex-bandmates have not been on good terms over the past few years. Silveria is currently embroiled in his second lawsuit with the band, the first being back in 2015, and has publicly had some unkind words for his former bandmates. Namely that current Korn drummer Ray Luzier "lacks groove" and that Korn bassist Fiedly is "a cowardly little bitch." So it seems kind of weird that he'd think they'd all of sudden be cool with him again, right?

According to Silveria in an interview with Talk Toomey, he says if the band ever got inducted in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, he'd be there to play with them.

“I think it’s a good possibility I could play with them at the ‘Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame‘, but I don’t see anything past that.”

Given the lawsuits, I'd imagine they might not warm up to that idea. Plus Silveria hasn't been in the band since 2006. So it's not like this was a recent departure and Korn is up for the hall right now. I'd say this reunion is about on par with Beneath The Remains-era Sepultura getting back together in terms of likelihood.

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