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ALL THAT REMAINS' Phil Labonte Tries To Re-Ignite Feud with TRIVIUM's Paolo Gregoletto; Fails.

Labonte could use the headlines.

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I couldn't even remember how All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte and Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto began feuding. I had to actually look it up, but it was a thing that happened this year. It stemmed from All That Remains "vocalist" Phil Labonte appearing on Info Wars to talk with Milo Yiannopoulos. That led to Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto taking to Twitter to voice his dissent over Labonte's appearance. This turned pretty quickly into a Twitter feud as most things do in 2018.

Things settled down and then leave it to Paolo liking a tweet from a fan to trigger Phil Labonte to go off ranting about the Trivium bassist.

It all started with this tweet complementing Paolo, as he's currently helping to fill in on vocals for Trivium frontman Matt Heafy, who left the tour because his wife is expecting twins.

Since Labonte was tagged in the tweet, he got a notification that Paolo essentially liked a compliment (and a back handed diss at Labonte.) Rather than letting it go, he tried to egg on another feud.

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Fans kept chiming in and Labonte responded, but there was one person who was not chiming in.

Gregoletto didn't even bother responding, because he likely had better things to do.

Sadly, we didn't have better things to do than to write about this. Okay, the next post will be about some grind, we promise.

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