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Dave Mustaine Thinks SLASH's Playing Style Would Fit with MEGADETH, Says He's Open To Collaboration

Could Slash be on the next Megadeth album?

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A few days ago, Slash left the door open for a possible collaboration with his friend Dave Mustaine, who happens to play in a lil band called Megadeth.

Slash noted "I don't see myself guesting on a Megadeth song. I don't think it would work in the context of what Megadeth does, but maybe Dave on one of my things — I don't know." But Dave Mustaine would disagree.

In speaking with Loudwire, Mustaine said "Slash is a terrific talent and I disagree wholeheartedly with what he said: that he couldn't play on a Megadeth record. He's a brilliant guitar player. I basically play in the pentatonic scale and that's like the go-to blues player scale."

Mustaine noted that when transitioning from just playing guitar in Metallica to playing guitar and singing in Megadeth he had to play that scale: "When you start singing you have two roles and unfortunately I wasn't really able to play and sing as much as I wanted to. [Because of this,] the songs are set up for a bluesy kind of player, which Slash definitely is."

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Slash talked in his autobiography about how the duo wrote some "major heavy metal riffs" but he wasn't sure where those riffs ended up. Mustaine notes some of those riffs ended up on Megadeth's landmark album, Rust In Peace.

 "When we played together I seem to remember that there were a couple riffs that showed up around the Rust in Peace period that he and I were noodling around on. That's when all this went down: during the Rust in Peace era," he added, suggesting that the complexity of the guitar parts on that album "Might be why [Slash] says that he can't do it, but he certainly can."

"He makes it look effortless and it makes me mad! It just looks like water running over a smooth stone, it's just perfect. He's done this every day of his life and he was made for the exact moment to stand on that stage and play that solo and have all those thousands and thousands of eyes focused on him," Mustaine said.

Point black, Mustaine said "I would definitely be interested in doing anything with Slash." He noted that he would not be interested in starting a new project and wanted to remind fans that he is still very committed to Megadeth music.

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Mustaine is currently in the studio working on a new Megadeth album, due in 2019.


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