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Back in the Day

PRO PAIN are not f*%#king around

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Throughout the years there has always been a debate whether NY's own Pro-Pain is Hard Core, Alternative Metal, or something in between. What I can tell you is that this band is groovy as fuck! Don't believe me? Check out one of their live shows where they speed up the fast parts, slow down the sludgy parts, and your buddy who just got punched in the jaw will give you the thumbs of approval.

This band grabbed my attention in '92 with their debut classic "Foul Taste Of Freedom" and hasn't disappointed since, if anything every release since then has only been heavier with time. Continuing the bands tradition throughout the years of intense, uncompromising, honest music, Gary Meskel (vocal/bass/founder) and crew has proven to be a staple in political metal way before the likes of Lamb of God.

What surprises me the most about this band is the lack of recognition they've received over their 12 LP/ 17 year successful DIY career. Making it mostly on their own terms with out the help of big radio/video push, it's no wonder I leave their shows saying "That is one pissed off band!"

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Taken from their 1999 release "Act of God" this is "In for the Kill".

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