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Back in the Day

MORBID ANGEL Dominated the Death Metal Scene

Posted on February 24, 2009

In 199,5 Florida-based death metal legends Morbid Angel, celebrated the release of their 4th (letter D) studio album "Domination" to a world of criticism. Original fans of the first few records thought it was more "sludge" than death metal, while those into the newly developing sludge movement thought the record was still too "death" metal for their tastes. Despite open remarks concerning "Domination", the LP is still arguably one of the greatest achievements of 90's American death metal I've ever heard.

One of the coolest things I remember about this particular LP was the attempt to include a slime pack with each disc. This of course never happened once the slime substance began spilling and was proven to be toxic. They later released initial copies in green jewel cases (not eco friendly) for a "PG" effect of the same theme.

Noted as "The #1 Death Metal Guitarist Ever" by Decibel Magazine, Trey Azagthoth lead the band into mainstream attention with this video for "Where The Slime Live".

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