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Fourteen-Year-Old Kid Writes Letter To The BBC Asking To Be Iron Maiden's Roadie For A Day, Get's His Wish Granted, 1986

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The story of how little Dominic Lawson, one of the UK's biggest Iron Maiden fans, got his wish granted is something any metalhead would brag about for the rest of their lives.

In 1986, Dominic wrote a letter to Jimmy Saville (yes, the vile, child molesting Jimmy Saville) which he hoped the television host would read on his long-running show Jim'll Fix It as the premise of the show was to grant children's wishes. Dominic's sweet letter made it through, and Saville would read it on the air in 1987. After reading the letter, the show cut straight to footage of Dominic hanging out with Iron Maiden including bunking out with the band on their tour bus the night before the big show which had been shot on November 3rd, 1986.

Another mythical twist in this story is when the segment aired in 1987, Saville had Dominic back to chat with him about his experience, eventually asking him if he planned on making music his "career." Fantastically, our young pal Dominic did, in fact, make a career out of music as a long-time journalist writing for publications such as Classic Rock and is currently the editor for the mighty Metal Hammer under the name Dom Lawson. Lawson also plays the bass in the Brighton punk band Oaf. See? Heavy metal dreams do come true. Just ask DOM. Footage of Lawson's special day with Iron Maiden is below.

Footage of Lawson becoming a roadie for Iron Maiden in 1986 from the BBC show 'Jim'll Fix It.'

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