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DEATH - Paving the Way of Technical Metal

Posted on July 14, 2009

DEATH – Lack of Comprehension

Today we know the name "Death" as the legendary death metal band that debatably started it all, but in 1991 they had only just begun. Their 4th studio LP, Human was regarded as a turning point for this Florida based death metal act by incorporating more technical and progressive playing through out the record while maintaining that extreme death metal sound. This may have been due to an all star line-up: guitarist/songwriter Paul Masvidal of CYNIC was asked to officially join Death after filling in on tours.  As we all know Masvidal  rejected his invitation in order to commit to his work with his own band Cynic, despite Death being a much bigger band at the time. When it came time to track the Human LP they had also recruited Cynic drummer Sean Reinert, and bassist Steve DiGiorio (Autopsy, Sadus, Testament, Iced Earth, Vintersorg) to complete the line up that would also go on to tour in support of the record.  Sean and Paul later left Death to release Cynic's debut 1993 LP "Focus"

This music video for "Lack of Comprehension" is the first of only 2 videos ever made for the band, featuring the recording line up. Watching Sean and Paul rock out with long hair is worth the viewing unto itself, but don't take my word for it…

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