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Back in the Day


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by: Frank Godla

I'll start this off by admitting I am a huge fan of bands that put on a sweet light show. It really gives the live experience that extra level of awesomeness I find missing from most shows I attend these days. There is a distinct art about enhancing your performance beyond it's usual means, and I often think it deserves a lot more respect than it's ever given. Anyway, when talking about awesome light shows, I don't think anyone would disagree NIN are at the top of their game. However, did you know back in the day NIN had an even better stage show than anything you read people barking about the past few years prior to calling it quits?

Don't get me wrong, I've seen Trent and the gang several times in my life including a handful of shows in the 00's that were nothing short of stellar. Nine Inch Nails have never been a band to disappoint and I wouldn't dare call them anything less than awesome. With that said remember when NIN music was faster? Harder? and more offensive? Well it didn't just stop there, check out the above live performance video for "Wish" back on the Self Destruct tour back in 1995. After 15 years this clip still gives me goose bumps!

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