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Top Tracks of the Week

DEVIL MASTER, HISSING among Gimme Radio's Top Tracks of the Week

Posted by on November 8, 2018 at 2:08 pm

Every Thursday, Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

Culled from the week’s past shows, these tracks have the Gimme Radio DJs' seal of approval, have the listeners demanding more and the Gimme office buzzing.

DEVIL MASTER "Obscene Charade"

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Barking blasphemic vox through a mirrorhall of delay FX, this 12" compendium of previous demos has some wondering how these blackened punks will translate from lo-fi to working with Power Trip's producer for their forthcoming LP. We anxiously await, but in the meantime, welcome one-stop shopping for your early Devil Master here.

ANAL TRUMP "The First 100 Songs"

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A salute to America's Day of Choice and the polls have concluded that AC guitarist Josh Martin (RIP) would have heavily endorsed this candidate. Longest track at 00:29: "Droppin Bombs While Droppin Bombs While Droppin Bombs." Best bit of news, they have issued a 1" vinyl single in edition of 1. But regular formats readily available (and, uh, cheaper than 10K).

INTEGRITY "Bark At the Moon"

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A surprise release/precision bomb from Relapse on Halloween, Dwid Hellion evokes Oz in the industrial cave that Sony never quite got around to letting him record in. Sounds great. Dwid's got a guest DJ stint this week on Gimme too, check the calendar.

HISSING "Eulogy In Squalor"

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After a 2016 split single with Sutekh Hexen, the three headed hydra of Hissing is outta the hole and is ferocious. Fallout drizzle segues into guitars screeching like a derailing Amtrak and then all hell breaks loose: crawling figures flurry around gutteral growls, death and horror metal collide.

ANTIVERSE "Under the Regolith"

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Title track to the Minneapolis quartet's latest offers up a punchy amalgamation of melodic/soaring leads, black metal style vocals and nods to classic thrash and death metal, while keeping it all clean and compact. Not quite a stew for subgenre purists, but a pretty intriguing release full of cool cake layers applied.

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