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Top Tracks of the Week

CHEPANG, GRAVES among Gimme Radio's Top Tracks of the Week

Posted by on December 9, 2018 at 2:08 pm

Every Thursday, Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

Culled from the week’s past shows, these tracks have the Gimme Radio DJs' seal of approval, have the listeners demanding more and the Gimme office buzzing.

Chepang – "XXVI"

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This Nepalese combo (with help from a few Brazilians and American studio mensch Colin Marston) employs 4 guitarists, 3 drummers, 4 vocalists and the odd synth/noise/organ to concoct a grind stew (they call it 'immigrindcore') of mammoth proportions. Their latest bomb is called Barriga De Verme.

Graves – "Sangrando Em Golgota"

Portuguese/Iron Bonehead black metal trio with bloodlust boiling through the lo-fi gauze. Members of Flagellum Dei and Summon, the latest release is titled Liturgia da Blasfemia and it reeks.

Vanha – "Old Heart Fails"

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Sweeping and sorrowful chords and piano punctuate this track by this Swedish project, spearheaded by Frostvang's Jan Johansson (who covers all the musical bases). Echoes of My Dying Bride and Katatonia.

Witching Hour – "Sorrow Blinds His Ghastly Eyes"

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Mystical thrash? These Germans have a weird amalgamation of influences floating through the proceedings here. Crisp, old school analog vibe, something off-kilter and strange to the ear in a good way when the vocals hit. Not sure it's everyone's cup-o-tea but kudos to Witching Hour!

Necromandus – "Night Jar"

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Born 1970, discovered by Iommi, one LP in '72 then kaput. This one always perks up ears when it hits the Gimme netwaves, pure power proto metal in its finest form. Supposed to be on Vertigo, shelved til the '90s. Heard they reunited in 2016 to record '75 stuff, but haven't checked it out yet. This jam sums up everything great about UK hard rock in the early 70s.CHEPANG, GRAVES among Gimme Radio's Top Tracks of the Week

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