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SADISTIK FOREST's Finnish Death Metal Is Heavy Enough to Break the "Bones Of A Giant"

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There has to be something in the water in Finland. It seems around every corner in that country there is another great metal band to discover. Finland, of course, has a rich history of heavy metal. Still, today there is a boom in vast and diverse metallic talents. Some push the limits of the very genre they play while others fill nostalgic desires. For Sadistik Forest, the latter is more appropriate. The death metal band hops into a time machine to the early 90's for their newest album, Morbid Majesties.

On the album's monstrous closing track, "Bones Of A Giant," Sadistik Forest package a rolling, mid-tempo groove into a towering nine minutes. Fans of early Hooded Menace will certainly be drawn into this quartet's sound. Former vocalist, Markus Makkonen's deep, guttural growl returns. In this sort of pacing, his voice undoubtedly shines. Makkonen and company channel a lot of classic death metal might throughout their music and "Bones Of A Giant" is an excellent barometer for that prowess.

Check out an exclusive stream of "Bones Of A Giant" now. Sadistik Forest's Morbid Majesties arrives May 25. Pre-order the album now through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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