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CULT OF EXTINCTION's Dynamic War Metal Is On Full Display With "Gazing Upon the Eternal Throne of Death"

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Perhaps what is most striking about Cult of Extinction's first demo, Black Nuclear Magick Attack, is its dynamic take on "war metal." The typical buzzsaw black/death/grind is usually for a targeted audience. It's murky and often viscous medium is nearly impossible to see through.

The solo effort of Cult of Extinction certainly dips into these motifs. However, there exist moments on this 13-minute demo that buck the trend.

Take the demo's final song, "Gazing Upon the Eternal Throne of Death," for example. Its three-minute runtime takes up over a quarter of the demo's allotted time. Within its depths are instances of unease. A looming guitar tone echoes through the track's overall cavernous tone; it instills a sense of dread on top of the pummeling that comes from prototypical war metal. The blast beats and grinding riffs are ever-present, it will satisfy the most blasphemous of tastes, but the subtle nuances in this track breathe refreshing life into the song.

Stream the track below. Pre-orders for Black Nuclear Magick Attack are available now through Sentient Ruin Laboratories and Atavism Records.

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