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SICK OF IT ALL Loudly Urge You To "Wake The Sleeping Dragon"

O.G. New York hardcore, comin' atcha.

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Sick Of It All is about to be 12 albums deep into bringing forth their O.G. brand of New York hardcore and their new song "Wake The Sleeping Dragon" isn't an anomaly in the slightest. Much like what you've all come to know and love them for, "Wake The Sleeping Dragon" stomps. Sick Of It All says the track is about pulling "your head out of your ass" and wising up to the world's situation – their words, not mine.

“‘Wake the Sleeping Dragon’, the title track of our new album, is a hard-driving song about big brother encroaching on our lives and recognizing the reality that we The People have the power to stop it through unity. So take your head out of your ass and smarten up.”

Wake The Sleeping Dragon!, which has an exclamation point in it unlike the title of the song, will be out on November 2.

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