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MONSTER MAGNET Frontman Dave Wyndorf Reveals He Is God In A New Song

Posted by on March 25, 2018 at 12:10 pm

Religious debate has been around for pretty much as long as humanity has existed on this planet, but Monster Magnet frontman Dave Wyndorf is about to put an end to it all. In the band's new song, Wyndorf claims that he is in fact God, and that he's riding a river of flame. So there you have it! Seriously though, Wyndorf says "Magnet arent' religious guys at all, really, but we like to bring the hell-fire when we can."

Plus, isn't it fun to be blasphemous sometimes? The answer is yes, because you're reading this site and therefor are at least tangentially into metal. You heathen, you. Monster Magnet's new album Mindfucker is out now and you can grab a copy below.

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