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BARONESS' New Song "Borderlines" Is Triumphant, Yet Oddly Melancholic

New album soon.

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Baroness recently announced their new album (albums?) Gold & Grey. While Baroness didn't give a release date, they did unveil the breathtaking artwork conjured by frontman and guitarist John Baizley. Baizley simultaneously revealed alongside the artwork that Gold & Gray would also be the final Baroness record to be named after a color, though "I assure you, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon."

Today we're getting our very first taste of new Baroness music that isn't a live bootleg video. The band just released their new track "Borderlines," which is six minutes of beautiful, triumphant-yet-melancholy rock. Overall it took me a few times to sink into this song, but once the brilliance really washed over me, I find I can't stop listening. This is also Baroness' first record to feature guitarist and vocalist Gina Gleason, whose voice is pretty prominent throughout and fits in great.

Gold & Gray is out June 14 and you can pre-order it here. Here's what Baizley had to say about the record.

“Our goal is, was, and will always be to write increasingly superior, more honest and compelling songs, and to develop a more unique and challenging sound,” offered Baroness founder, guitar player and vocalist John Baizley. “I’m sure we have just finished our best, most adventurous album to date. We dug incredibly deep, challenged ourselves and recorded a record I’m positive we could never again replicate. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to know Sebastian, Nick and Gina as both my bandmates and my friends. They have pushed me to become a better songwriter, musician and vocalist. We’re all extremely excited for this release, which includes quite a few ‘firsts’ for the band, and we’re thrilled to be back on tour to play these psychotic songs for our fans. Expect some surprises.”

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