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ORANSSI PAZUZU Goes Gloom And Doom With Kevät / Värimyrsky

Oh Finland, what would we do without you?

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Finland's Oranssi Pazuzu has slowly but surely gained traction over the past few years, and for good reason – the band refuses to stagnate. Oranssi Pazuzu's brand new EP Kevät / Värimyrsky is a slow builder that uses a lot of atmospheric elements to build up to fantastic payoffs on both tracks.

"‘Värimyrsky,' which translates to 'Color Storm,' is about “the feeling of disappointment that launches a desire to dissolve back into natures circulation. Letting wolves rip your mind and letting your liquids spill to the ground, birthing new life that has more meaning."

For fans of the band, this is an amazing addition to its already great discography. For those who are unaware of Oranssi Pazuzu's music, definitely take a listen, but be sure to check out their other stuff too! Pre-order the EP here, and stream it below.

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