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Full Album Stream: COILGUNS New Album Millennials Is Savage, Haunting And Caustic

For Coilguns, Millennials is a step in a more savage direction

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It’s been a little while since Coilguns put out a full-length. Five-years is nothing to scoff at either. Certainly not for a band that’s heavily rooted in hardcore. In five-years, there was probably bout 2,000 hardcore bands that came and went. If you’ve paid attention to the hardcore scene for any amount of time, it’s never surprising to see a band suddenly drop off and something else start anew.

Coilguns taking as long as they did to put out Millennials is a surprise to an extent. Comprised of ex-members of The Ocean, the Swiss quartet has evolved since their last outing on Commuters. But being away as long as they have, and even writing over a span of five-years is going to change you, whether you like it or not. And for Coilguns, Millennials is certainly a step in a more savage direction.

With Millennials the band has crafted here are variations on violence. Sometimes brooding, sometimes throat-ripping. Coilguns take the base of hardcore/punk and run rampant with it. It sometimes exists alone, but often it’s channeling more experimental aspects, especially things like noise-rock/punk. If you’ve already heard the title track “Millennials”, then you know what I’m talking about. A heavy, hardcore-laden tune, but one that also breaks into sudden dissonance and bleakness.

See, when Coilguns bring the aggression, they pummel. But it’s also a question of how they’ll pummel. The band clench a few weapons. “Self Employment Scheme” is a noisy punk piece that never lets up. “Blackboxing” starts groovy and disjointed but becomes noise-rock bottled chaos, thrown at you like a Molotov cocktail. “Deletionism”

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Other tracks like “Spectogram” are mood cinchers. The whispering, the slow but still heavy guitar, galloping drums, and the noise-humming that sounds like a Mogwai straight out of Gremlins do give you some breathing space. Breathing space in a haunted house. The closing track “The Screening” takes on a similar tone, favoring post-punk gloom over battery.

Millennials is an album that’s always interesting, and even when the band gets droning they’re not boring. It’s not necessarily technical, but nothing on this album is all that simple. You might not even like it at first. And the band even have a statement on that:

Millennials has been ready now for two years. We’ve been asked a lot why we waited so long or whether we could still identify with the songs and sound of the record. We wanted to be able to commit full time to the band – which was not possible then – and the way this record was crafted makes it legit back in January 2016, now and most likely for years to come. We tried things we had never done before and it felt like the start of something of our own. Maybe you won’t like it – we do – one thing’s sure, we did put all of our soul into it and we are extremely proud of the result. This makes us really excited for what will come next. Now buckle up, loud enough it might make you throw up a little bit. I forgot to mention that it isn’t very pleasant to listen to. "

Some will find themselves immediately taken by this. Others will find this a hard sell. To either crowd: give it a few listens. Don’t go one round, stick with it a few times, and keep in mind, this record was recorded in a live setting. There’s a lot to take in. Let it consume you.

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Coilguns Spring European Tour Dates:
14.03 – Tübingen (D) @ Epplehaus
15.03 – Münich (D) @ Unter Deck
16.03 – Ybbsitz (AUT) @ KiWi- die Bar
17.03 – Plzen (CZ) @ Pohoda Music Club
18.03 – Dresden (D) @ AZ☆Conni
19.03 – Berlin (D) @ Zukunft am Ostkreuz
20.03 – Leipzig (D) @ Private show
21.03 – Celle (D) @ Ms – Loretta
22.03 – Dortmund (D) @ Dietrich-Keuning-Haus
23.03 – Colchester (UK) @ Three Wise Monkeys
24.03 – Nottingham (UK) @ The Angel Microbrewery
25.03 – Leeds (UK) @ Dreadfest w/ Yacøpsæ, Blockheads Grindcore, Chiens, and many more…
26.03 – Newcastle (UK) @ The Cluny 2
27.03 – Glasgow (UK) @ The Hug and Pint
28.03 – London (UK) @ The Underworld Camden w/ Birds in Row
29.03 – Boulogne-sur-mer (FR) @ L'Horloge w/ Birds in Row
30.03 – Wüppertal (D) @ Clash of the Unholy IV w/ Birds in Row
31.03 – Béthune (FR) @ Le Poche Béthune w/ Birds in Row
01.04 – Altkirch (FR) @ L'Oasis w/ Birds in Row

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