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Blackened Doom Masters BAST Are Back With "Far Horizons"

Bast are a UK blackened doom metal band who seem on track for great things. We have their latest track debuting here for your listening pleasure!

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Crushingly heavy and unapologetic in their dictum, Bast are an English blackened doom force force who seem poised to destroy and destined to die. Their previous output has hinted at future greatness by these London blasphemers.

There is an undeniable sense of groove to what these guys are doing and its counterbalanced by a sense of the transcendental. The colossal riffs form a terrifying backdrop for the band and the sense of perpetual forward motion dominates this new track. 'Far Horizons' speaks to how far the band has come.

It's an honor to showcase a band who have this deep understanding of songwriting and who execute a fairly unique vision. Rather than going for the oppressive and evil sound of many of their peers, Bast instead lean into the otherworldly. It makes for a unique listening experience and has me slavering for the November 23rd release of Nanoangstrom on Jon Paul Davis of Conan's very own Black Bow Records. The band had this to say:

We’re extremely happy to finally unveil the first track of our upcoming release, Nanoångström. ‘Far Horizons’ introduces our story, detailing the rapid succession and wonders of human technology, only to follow a more contemptuous path, giving way to mankind’s inevitable demise at the hands of his own hubris.

Jam it now:

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