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ASEETHE and SNOW BURIAL Unite For A Searing New Split of Drone, Doom, Noise, and Sludge

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One of the biggest advantages of a split is the chance to bring together bands that play potentially very different styles of music. Sometimes, at least in my case, splits also serve as an indirect introduction to a band as well. In many instances, knowing one band featured on the release leads to finding another band to become a fan of. Both of these moments happen to be the case with the newest effort between Aseethe and Snow Burial.

Aseethe; Photo by Andrew Notsch

Side A features a new track from Iowa's Aseethe. The Iowa City natives drew the attention of Thrill Jockey Records with their oscillations between hypnotic doom and reverberating drone. The resultant Hopes of Failure brought an overwhelming display of slow-rolling metal. This is certainly the case with their new song, "Wrong," a drone-laden, five-minute offering. It, much like their previous work, wallows in sections of harsh drone and fits of rhythmic drum patterns and harsh vocals.

Snow Burial's "Sever the Bloodline" comprises the second side. An up-tempo contrast from Aseethe's contribution. It's driven by noise rock and some of the sludge elements that sneak into the music of Neurosis and others. Also, these sporadic, noisy elements run head first into post-metal musings at times. Subdued segments of cleaner vocal arrangements and neatly picked guitar notes are quickly squashed by deep growls and fuzzed furious riffs.

Snow Burial

Aseethe is currently working on a follow-up to last year's Hopes of Failure as well as one other release. They'll also be appearing at Electric Funeral Fest III and Psycho Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Snow Burial are completing the writing for their impending second full-length record which they will record in August. They celebrate their anniversary at Soundgrowler Brewery in July and hit the road with Pale Horsemen, Cantharone, and Of Wolves in Fall. Listen to both tracks from the split now. Pre-order physical copies of the split from Hand of Death Records as well.

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