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DANK SLAMS: Does Italy's DAEMUSINEM Do Justice To Their CANNIBAL CORPSE Overlords? Decide For Yourself With Full-Album Stream!

Posted by on October 12, 2017 at 5:33 pm

Sometimes we get a little spent on the slam. Too many hammers, too much of the time. What do we do over here at ye olde stank tank when shit gets a touch monotnous? Well, some of us forego slam altogether, and head to the far less brutal (though, just as dark) pastures of classic-sounding country (if you are cool enough, we suggest checking out thrash-metal-turned-country-musician Cody Jinks' latest track, "I'm Not The Devil"). Others of us don't wander quite as far off the beaten path, choosing instead to tone down the brutality just a notch.

So, while we admit to liking country, we understand that this is not a country column and, as such, are expected to bring the biggest and best in the realm of brutality. Fret not, fellow cheeto fiends… we are on the case! With that said, let's get down to bizness.

Two weeks ago, the world was hit with the first new Cannibal Corpse tunage in four years, with the brand new ripper of a song "Code Of The Slashers". Since then, our ears have been in the mood for similarly-constructed brutality. Of course, when you are dealing with the cream-of-the-crop that is the mighty Cannibal, all else just seems… futile. Why settle for second-best when Cannibal themselves is the haut monde of BDM?

If you agee with the above statement, get ready to have your mind altered – with a blunt, brutal tool. So, you've heard of Putridity, right? Yeah, that long-running Italian brutal death/sometimes slam band. Well, three of their four members also belong to the even longer-running Italian brutal death metal band, Daemusinem. Right? We asked ourselves the same damn thing – who the hell are these guys? Turns out the band have three full-length albums, dating all they way back to 2002.

Quite honestly, we are digging this just as much as the new Cannibal Corpse outing. This isn't to say the new CC isn't the best death metal that death metal offers, cause it's bloody fantastic in its own right. Similarly, Daemusinem cuts a perfect balance between old-school, bludgeoning death metal, yet adds a newer-school twist with some brutal slammin death metal.

Taking lessons learned from their CC overlords, the guys have concoted a straight-up, no-frills tapestry of inhumanity. It crushes where it should crush. It brutalizes where it should brutalize. It's not afraid to take stray from the norm, yet never at the expense of ferocity.

With this, we bring you the exclusive full-album stream of their brand new, Willowtip Records-released, Thy Ungodly Defiance (made possible, once again, by our friends over at Slam Worldwide). This album, grand in its musical scope, also serves up a hefty narrative based on the story of Fra Dolcino, a heretic preacher who lived in northern Italy during the 13th century. In a sickening turn of events, the padre waas tortured and burnt at the stake by the Inquisition.

Thy Ungodly Defiance drops on October 20th. Head here to preorder yours today!

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