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DANK SLAMS: Sin City's CEREBRAL INCUBATION Rechristen Vegas 'Slam City' With New Song "Ascariasis Evisceration"

Posted by on August 10, 2017 at 5:07 pm

Las Vegas. Sin City – the perfect city for the likes of disgusting, brutal, downright nasty-ass, skanky-dank death metal. Yep. It's one of the few cities of sin that has a knack for cultivating the shit outta stuff like this – it's a GMO-fed factory farm with fields rife with slam! Other sin-filled cities, with a penchant for slam, include:

Pattaya, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
Prague, Czech Republic
Moscow, Russia
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Yep, if you dig deep, you'll find each of these cities stacked with brutal-as-fuk death metal, with Moscow harboring some of the best in slam. Today, our focus is on Las Vegas, and a gaggle of four dudes who are collectively known as CEREBRAL INCUBATION.

If you happen to be new to these legends-of-slam, we'll let the guys school you in all things Cerebral. Take it away guys…

"Cerebral Incubation formed late 2007 in Las Vegas, NV after Mark, Ricky and a few friends messed around and made a demo. We signed to a small Russian label and released our first album Asphyxiating On Excrement in 2009. We played a few shows here and there and five years later released Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication with Andrew on vocals. We wanted to make this new album as heavy as possible and make it a slap in the face to everyone trying to ride the slam wave. After a couple lineup and label changes, a few tequila shots and another five years, we are ready to release the next chapter.

Bifurcation of Primordial Slamateurs was inspired by this HUGE slam movement that became super trendy, so we wanted to just keep it brutal and straight forward, something that would make you want to beat the shit out of someone after or while you're listening to it. The album will be out on Rising Nemesis Records September 22nd, 2017 and you can also catch us on our west side tour of the states in September and October!"

Well, there is not much more left to be said. So, without further adieu, we present to you the brand new single from Bifurcation Of Primordial Slamateurs, entitled "Ascariasis Evisceration". Thanks again to our super duper friends over at the mighty Slam Worldwide for making this happen!

Stay tuned Rising Nemesis Records for info about pre-orders.

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