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DANK SLAMS: A Lesson In Vigilante Justice With Brutal New SPLITWIG Track "Abuser Abuser"

Posted by on January 26, 2018 at 3:05 pm


Sometimes, just sometimes, the message in slam can be a positive one. This isn't to say slam is a cesspool of negativity. Not at all.  That being said, most of us would agree that slam never takes itself too seriously, what with all the gore and sexual perversion. Occassionally, though, there comes a band with a message behind all the shit, blood, severed limbs, mutilation, sexual deviancy, and internal organ spewage. Enter Splitwig.

Formed back in 2011, this American five-piece churn out what can only be best described as the most pervese of the perverse. This was no more evident than their debut full-length from 2015, entitled Swine Blues. With song titles such as "Abcessed Fuckhole Cunnilingus, "Intrusive Phallic Assault", and their Top 40 single "Fuck It to Death, Then Fuck It Again" Splitwig proved straight outta the starting gate that the business of over-the-top brutality was booming. In fact, our very own Trevor Strnad – scribe of the popular column “The Obituarist” (and vocalist of The Black Dahlia Murder) named the album as one of his top of the year – only weeks after its release!

The guys are back in 2018 with a new music video for a brand new track entitled “Abuser Abuser”. The video, filmed and directed by Pat Dougherty from Cinemavericks Media, is the first single from the compilation Scenes Of Brutality Vol. 4 (also featuring Cordyceps, Lectularius, Torso Murder, among many others).

Regarding the track the guys had this to say…

"This song is a bit different than anything we've ever released, and we are very proud of how the project turned out. The theme of the track deals with taking brutal vigilante justice on sex offenders, particularly pedophiles. While maintaining death metal-like traditions – containing a graphic portrayal of torture and execution – it differs in its approach by dehumanizing the agressor as opposed to the viction. It's a call to arms, so to speak."

With hammers in hands, we are stoked to present to you the Slam Worldwide premiere of "Abuser Abuser"…

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