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DANK SLAMS: A Double-Whammy Of Exclusive Slammies! (GOREWORM, FATUOUS RUMP)

Today is your lucky day, you cheeto-lovin, stink-footed, inbred, rectal-munching bastards! We got a double-whammy of world-exclusive slammies for ya today. We ain't got time to mince words this week, so we'll let the music do the mincing for you.

On that note, git yer meat-grinders sanitized and primed! This shit is gonna get whack!


This sounds like some seriously fucked up shit. Think massive worms – the size of skyscrapers – worming their way underneath cities, emerging to inflict heaps of gore upon humanity. No one is spared from the worm's ravenous appetite for human flesh… not your sons, daughters, grandmas or grandpas. The worm devours all. Everything. Even sweet, stupid Uncle Boffo.

With their debut EP, The Path To Oblivion, set to drop on March 23rd via CDN Records, Goreworm prove, once again, why Canada reigns supreme in the world of inhuman sounds. The six songs on offer showcase a band not content with just brutalizing. The songs move through various micro-genres with ease – blending death metal with slam and blackened death, with a hint of tech-deth and melodic death thrown in for good measure. Simply put, a ferociously enjoyable listen from start to finish – one that should not go unnoticed.

Unnoticed it shall not go! We have the world-exclusive premiere, in the form of a full-album stream! Head to the brand new, kickass CDN Records website to get your copy today!


FATUOUS RUMP – Disposing Slobs Of Corporal Fatberg (Song Premiere)

Far, far away lies the Asian land of Slamonglia. This milennia-old kingdom is ruled by a revered and mighty Emperor. His unholiness shall be addressed as Slamperor Fatuous Rump. He is feared by many. He is loved by many. He lives on a diet of Pringles and Abominable Putridity. Countless sonnets of slam have been written in his honor, but only one truly reflects the earthquake-inducing destruction of his rule. That work of art is entitled Disposing Slobs Of Corporal Fatberg.

Consider yourselves lucky, as the Slamperor's propaganda department,  Slam Worldwide, has allowed Dank Slams a quick peek into this kingdom-crushing album. Feast your ears on the world-premiere of brand new song "Reeks Of Adipose Tissue".

For those that don't know, Fatuous Rump is a duo consisting of Kai Lee (all instruments) and legendary slam magnate, Larry Wang (vocals). Yeah, that Larry Wang – the man of multiple legends (Gorepot, Guttural Corpora, Cavernosa, Maggot Colony, Coprocephalic).

Disposing Slobs Of Corporal Fatberg is set to drop May 9th via Amputated Vein Records.

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