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Core Breakdown

The Core Breakdown: VATICAN's "Divine Ruination" Blurs The Lines of '90s & '00s Metalcore

Showing some straight-edge love from Savannah Georgia with the crazy metalcore of Vatican.

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Here’s something for your straight-edge hardcore fans out there. Excited to share with ya’ll the new single from Savannah Georgia’s Vatican, “Divine Ruination”.  For those who need to be introduced, Vatican is a band that blurs the line of 90’s and 00’s metalcore and hardcore, releasing crunchy brutality and hysteric tones of adrenaline.

“Divine Ruination” begins with a spiral of blackened metallic clashing and shredding. This whirlwind of chaos drops into choppy chugs and shrieks that come with an edge of sharpness. The track looms in darkness and surrounds the instrumentation, the dark thickness contrasting against the cutting guitar tones and drum clashes. Towards the end, the track settles into a melancholy rhythm, the vocals stepping away from belting out the rage and bringing in some singing.

You can steam “Divine Ruination” below, and if you like what you hear, feel free to check out Vatican’s Bandcamp page for their single “Paingod”, and their record Drowning the Apathy Inside. The music comes with a lot of those vibes that are similar to what early Killswitch Engage was doing, bringing in the powerful melodies with the brutal beat downs. And if you want even more from the band, keep an eye out for their upcoming EP this August via Sorrow Carrier Records.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s The Core Breakdown, and see ya’ll soon for some big surprises on the way.

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