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Core Breakdown

The Core Breakdown: Travel To Bombay, India for Death By Fungi's "Dead Soil"

For you hardcore fans who like your music with a little more punk… Here's Death By Fungi.

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If you don’t know Death By Fungi, then that can be easily cured. They’re a pretty healthy addition to any hardcore diet.

The hardcore/punk band comes straight from Bombay, India, bringing out killer beat downs with a wild melodic twist. It brings me great pleasure to share with ya’ll their new song “Dead Soil”, set to be featured on their upcoming split EP with Shepherd (doom/sludge from Bangalore).

“Dead Soil” shoots off with crazy blast beats and a delicious rhythm. This continues as the clashing drums play alongside the guitar work, the latter shifting from fluid flows to sporadic choppiness. The vocals capture more of a punk essence in nature, similar to what one might hear from Suicidal Tendencies. The track drives forward with heft, capturing grit and bursts of flavor. There’s a brief time in the middle where the track settles, but other than that, these moments of flavor come through with the guitar’s inflection in rhythm. The overall structure makes for a song that plays out to a frenzy, switching styles and sounds to keep things entertaining throughout.

Check out “Dead Soil” below, and follow the band via Facebook to keep in touch with their upcoming releases. You can pre-order the Shepherd/Death By Fungi Split (and find the rest of the band’s work) via Bandcamp. Thanks for tuning into this week’s The Core Breakdown, and see ya’ll soon!

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