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Core Breakdown

The Core Breakdown: Crushing the Significance of Pain with NEGLECTED

You won't feel neglected with Neglected… but you may feel the Significance of Pain.

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The Core Breakdown is excited to share with ya’ll the first ever release for North Carolina’s Neglected, Significance of Pain. The five track EP makes for an introduction of down-tuned guitars and slamming drums. In such a small time, Neglected run through subjects such as suicide, domestic abuse, and suffering with mental illness.

“Fairweather” plays around with tempo, taking the balls to the wall approach in the beginning, shifting into a crawl in the midsection, just to blast off towards the end. This is some pure old-school hardcore aggression that gives me Terror vibes. “Bitter Pill” pops at first with a vibrant guitar tone, whirling its way into a straight forward drum beat. Thanks to the high pitch guitar sound and vocal delivery, the track shakes with tension. “Significance of Pain” slows down the tempo, and amps up the crushing factor in instrumentation. With more heft and crunch, the guitar shovels through the song, coming down harder as the track progresses. In brief moments, all the instrumentation comes together to create a burst of anger. Other than delivering on the hardcore sound, Neglected help create emotion that serves as more than just aggression. “Mother” finds most of its strength in the vocals, the inflection and raspy nature of the screams giving off a sense of desperation and sadness. “Neglect” weaves in bits of melody and groove, opening up on a catchy mid-tempo. By the halfway point though, this drops into the band taking things to a crawl. The guitar churning and heft behind the drums create a heavy bass that looms with each beat.

Significance of Pain is a solid start for Neglected, and worth checking out for hardcore fans who want to get angry and break things. Feel free to stream the EP below! If you want to follow the band and keep an eye on that future LP release, you can find them on Facebook. Thanks for tuning into The Core Breakdown, see ya’ll next week.

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